My name is Chris Setsuko or everyone calls me Chris.
It is a nickname that I have had for many years. I actually started this blog with the intent on keeping this light-hearted blog separate from other more serious topics that I want to cover. However, the more I started blogging and learning the ropes and asking around, the more I learned that keeping up two serious blogs while keeping up with my other responsibilities would not be very creative or stress-free. So why not combine all my ideas into one?

I am a current art student and former fashion design student. I am also a childhood cancer survivor and my life up to this point has been extremely crazy and I feel that I have put in my dues in these short years here on earth.I LOVE blogging about random things that interest me, and reviewing beauty products that I think you will love as much as I do. ♡♡♡

I LOVE ♡♡♡
Genuine and honest people over many friends
diy/refinishing furniture
macaroni and cheese
fantasy/horror/noir/old/surreal films
making friends across the world
halloween and old small towns on halloween
kawaii things
beauty products
dim sum
whipped cream cakes

Mean and fake people
people who say they dislike mean and fake people when they themselves are mean and fake
hot weather
taking things too seriously

Enough about you! More about me:
I'm a middle child at 5'8"
I'm a mix of a lot of things but the majority is Panamanian and Spanish
Fluent in both English and French
I have a sucky vision -5.00 L eye -5.75 R eye
my hair is past my waist
my home is in the middle of the desert in Arizona
I am also nicknamed 'Robin Hood' for my archery ability


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