BB Cream

The main cachet of BB cream is that it has vitamins and skin improving ingredients in it while giving you a dewy glowing look that is hard to find with a regular foundation. BB cream has a dual function as a wrinkle improvement and acne fighter. The more you use it, the more you will see a difference in your skin. I feel that it does not give me the beautiful cover I get from my Physicians Formula Organic Wear, but it does the job and does give you a beautiful glow. Plus it has extracts of caviar so how can you go wrong?


Calcifer Cake

Source My Paper Crane
I love love Studio Ghibli way before it was cool and I came across this tutorial for the Calcifer cake one day. Since Calcifer is one of my favorite characters I found that I could not pass up making this cake and we decided to make it. Super cute cake idea and so easy, no fooling around with pain in the ass fondant or anything else complicated.You basically just need rolled butter cookies, a cake mix, hard candies, sprinkles, candy eyes and frosting.

Maru The Cat

(all pics via I am Maru blog)
Everyone loves Maru the Cat because he speaks the language of cute!!!
There's no language barrier there!
Generally, you might not even be a cat person such as myself only for the exception of Hello Kitty. But once you lay eyes on Maru you find yourself quickly loving all that is feline. Why, you ask? Maru is no ordinary cat. He has this obsession with boxes and trying to fit into them. He is like a woman who is in denial about her actual size but tries to fit into clothes that are sizes too small anyway.

See? Ironically it's diet
 Maru has been dubbed “the cat who likes to get stuck in things.” Which is a pretty good description. He is a Scottish Fold cat in Japan that is the 8th most subscribed channel in Japan on Youtube under the username mugumogu, with videos of his antics. His loving owner of course tapes their interactions and keeps a blog and Twitter for Maru. Maru already has two books and a DVD which all are on Amazon. Aww


Pastel Hair

This trend has been around for some time but I still love it just the same. Here is a great tutorial video on how to get great pastel highlights in YOUR hair!


Gel Nails Tutorial

I always love the look of gel nails, so glossy and they remind me of resin jewelry with the hidden gems and glitter locked into the thick clear gel. Here are some cute looks and a vid so hopefully you can accomplish this look at home!


French Braids Tutorial

Binosusume gives us another video teaching us how to do french braids half up, very pretty. Enjoy!


A Box and Maru

A box and Maru the Cat, just a rundown of the cutest videos his owner has posted. You can visit their blog here or see them on YouTube!

Desperate Maru

Maru In Training

Access Denied Maru

Hairstyles Maru

Maru Motel~Slip and Slide


Sushi Etiquette

Sometimes the best etiquette is realizing that even the natives will break a rule or 5. But there are a few simple basic rules to remember when eating sushi:

  • It's okay to eat with your fingers instead of the chopsticks!
  • Make eye contact with the sushi chef and offer to buy them some sake! (they may not accept but they will appreciate they offer) 
  • Tip generously!
  • Lightly dip each piece of sushi fish side down, otherwise the rice will become too wet and fall into the soy sauce. The soy sauce is for flavoring the fish, not the rice. Place it into your mouth the same way, you will taste the fish better this way. 
  • Wasabi gets stirred into the soy sauce, not smeared onto the fish (can you imagine the burn?)
  • Ginger is to be eaten between the courses, not layered on top of the sushi a la a Scooby Doo sandwich.
If you needed these tips then get out there and get to practicing and happy eating!



Hair Bow Tutorial

BinoSusume teaches us how to do make a neat hair ribbon, it is so cute I love doing this around the house or when I go out.


Cupcake ring tutorial

And Every Thing Sweet Pinkalicious Ring is great as a charm for a ring, necklace, bracelet or earrings! Just follow the link for the tutorial. 



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