Vampire Hunter D Free Streaming!

With the new upcoming Vampire Hunter D 6, all previous volumes of VHD are available for free streaming during the period of Dec. 24 – Jan. 8.


Pond's Flawless White

In need of an even skin tone, I turned to this cream that I have been hearing a lot about. I bought mine off of ebay, I don't know if it is available in the U.S. but it is very popular overseas. There is a whole product line which includes the cleanser, night cream, spot corrector and daily lotion. 
I don't have the rest of the treatments, only the lightening day cream. The day cream is not moisturizing but since I have very oily skin that's no problem. If you have dry skin you will need a separate moisturizer and the best time to put it on is after you wash you face or get out of the shower.
I have heard that this cream is better than or comparable to Sheisedo's Lucent White which is really expensive. You can buy the day cream for US $26. Many people talk about the smell but I think it smells pleasant like a perfume and the cream itself looks pearlized like there are crushed up pearls in the cream. I have only used it two days so I will keep you posted on the results and do a before and after shot.

Winter Goals

Read a million books
Cook for Christmas
Eat rice crispy treats
Put more pastel streaks in my hair
Discover new music
Buy a Gyaru wig
Buy Hell Girl beads
Watch more movies out of a blanket fort
Watch more documentaries
Make myself a portabello burger on a BBQ
Drink more green smoothies
Get my nails done professionally for the first time since 8th grade
What's your list?

Rain, Rain Go Away...

Okay not really but this is the scene outside my home right now. It is freezing right now but you could never tell from this picture.


Non Stop Nyan Cat!!!

Follow the site and then you can tweet your high score of how much you have Nyaned! 


Studio Ghibli Howl's Moving Castle Papercraft

I love love me some Studio Ghibli! This craft would look excellent on a shelf in your house or maybe as a gift for that Ghibli fan on your Christmas list? Should take a couple of days to say the least. Follow the links to get the downloadable files! English instructions:  http://www.mediafire.com/?9mpmyj0djhb


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