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Silent Hill Nurse Costume


Just in time for Halloween! Instructables has a tutorial on this darling costume of one of the nurses from the game Silent Hill. What you will need:

Shirt Dress pattern (most will do, just try to get one similar to the costume. You'll be shortening it after. I used McCalls M4769)
-1 Yard of White or Off-White linen & all the fixin's..buttons or velcro, thread, etc. (I wouldn't place any bets on the amount of fabric used, cause I reused a costume I previously made. Just follow what's on the pattern for your size, and a little extra for the hat.)
-Plaster Strips
-A Plastic Bag
-White & Clear spray paint (Optional..but you can get 'em at cheapie stores for a buck apiece.)
-Acrylic Paints (brown, light brown, dark green, black, and red)
-Fake blood (Also optional, but very useful. Only downside is if it dries on your fabric it tends to look a little pinker than one would like)
-White tights
-Old pantyhose or knee high..something like that.
-White high heels or flats (since I did the costume last minute I'm afraid I didn't have a chance to get a pair of heels I didn't mind messing up..I'm sad about it. :c )
-Paintbrushes & Newspaper
-An outfit you don't mind screwing up in the process

Head on over to the website to download the PDF and complete the rest of the steps!


Bettie Page bang tutorial

Here is my result:


and here is the video tutorial I used from BettieJoe88


Katy Perry Corset

From Glamtastik

Words can't describe how I feel about this corset, it's so cute!

Halloween Costume Ideas Day 1

I will be showcasing one cute costume a day and where to get it.

Wonder Woman! and who doesn't want to be a strong female these days?


Super Cute Kawaii Pillows

Not only are they super cute they look yummy don't they? Find them here


Project 365

I have started a new project, pROJECT 365 in which I am going to take a photo every day and post it online. I think it will be neat to come back after the year is done and see how far I have come as a person and as a photographer. Seeing as I have had my heart broken recently, I appropriately chose my first photo to be entitled, "Broken Heart." You can start your project too, one photo at a time...

365 Project 
Broken Heart on 365 Project

From Black Hair to Red

I've lately been in a hair funk and instead of doing streaks, I want to do ALL red hair. I have gathered some of the best resources to help you if you like this idea as well. I will post a tutorial when I have completed my own hair color. This is temporary so you can always change it if you need to.


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