Pond's Flawless White

In need of an even skin tone, I turned to this cream that I have been hearing a lot about. I bought mine off of ebay, I don't know if it is available in the U.S. but it is very popular overseas. There is a whole product line which includes the cleanser, night cream, spot corrector and daily lotion. 
I don't have the rest of the treatments, only the lightening day cream. The day cream is not moisturizing but since I have very oily skin that's no problem. If you have dry skin you will need a separate moisturizer and the best time to put it on is after you wash you face or get out of the shower.
I have heard that this cream is better than or comparable to Sheisedo's Lucent White which is really expensive. You can buy the day cream for US $26. Many people talk about the smell but I think it smells pleasant like a perfume and the cream itself looks pearlized like there are crushed up pearls in the cream. I have only used it two days so I will keep you posted on the results and do a before and after shot.

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