Maru The Cat

(all pics via I am Maru blog)
Everyone loves Maru the Cat because he speaks the language of cute!!!
There's no language barrier there!
Generally, you might not even be a cat person such as myself only for the exception of Hello Kitty. But once you lay eyes on Maru you find yourself quickly loving all that is feline. Why, you ask? Maru is no ordinary cat. He has this obsession with boxes and trying to fit into them. He is like a woman who is in denial about her actual size but tries to fit into clothes that are sizes too small anyway.

See? Ironically it's diet
 Maru has been dubbed “the cat who likes to get stuck in things.” Which is a pretty good description. He is a Scottish Fold cat in Japan that is the 8th most subscribed channel in Japan on Youtube under the username mugumogu, with videos of his antics. His loving owner of course tapes their interactions and keeps a blog and Twitter for Maru. Maru already has two books and a DVD which all are on Amazon. Aww

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