Sushi Etiquette

Sometimes the best etiquette is realizing that even the natives will break a rule or 5. But there are a few simple basic rules to remember when eating sushi:

  • It's okay to eat with your fingers instead of the chopsticks!
  • Make eye contact with the sushi chef and offer to buy them some sake! (they may not accept but they will appreciate they offer) 
  • Tip generously!
  • Lightly dip each piece of sushi fish side down, otherwise the rice will become too wet and fall into the soy sauce. The soy sauce is for flavoring the fish, not the rice. Place it into your mouth the same way, you will taste the fish better this way. 
  • Wasabi gets stirred into the soy sauce, not smeared onto the fish (can you imagine the burn?)
  • Ginger is to be eaten between the courses, not layered on top of the sushi a la a Scooby Doo sandwich.
If you needed these tips then get out there and get to practicing and happy eating!



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