Nude Dreams

Almost exactly how my dream looked!
I had a dream that I was in Germany and I was so happy because I have always wanted to visit there, it is one of my dream places to live/visit. But…I was naked. Butt naked you ask? Yes. I was coming out of some store and getting into a truck with someone, probably my fiance and there was this guy sitting on a chair against the wall that whistled at me and said, "I like what I see but I would like it if you had some more thickness to your butt!" ha ha. Please mister, I don't need anymore thickness added to my rear end.

What can you say to that? Well nothing, it was a dream and we can't always control what we say in a dream or how we react. What does it mean though? Naked dreams are actually very common, I mean how many movies/shows have we seen where the character is dreaming they go to school, give a speech, or show up for work naked? Nudity in a dream can mean several things about where you are in life.

Being naked in a dream suggests vulnerability, when you suddenly realize you are naked and become extremely embarrassed. What about if you are not shameful that you are naked? In my dream I was not embarrassed or ashamed that I was naked, it felt great and refreshing, well maybe because it was also snowing that created the refreshing part. Clothes cover up our bits that we are embarrassed to show, without clothes everything is exposed and we have no defenses.

Finding yourself naked at work or in school may symbolize that you are unprepared for something. The fear of having all eyes on you and your naked form may be that you are unsure of a decision and are afraid of having your mistakes become public news. You fear that you will be exposed for the fraud that you think you are.

If you find yourself not afraid or embarrassed like myself, then it may symbolize that you have nothing to hide, you are as open as you can be, and have a carefree spirit. On the other hand, it may be that attention coming your way in real life is of the wrong kind. You like being noticed but you are going about it in the wrong way. I say pull your pants up in real life and keep the carefree nature of the nude inside of you at all times. If your dream was a negative one then now might be the time to explore issues in your life that you may have been ignoring. Stop fearing things that you can't control and just let go, there is great relief in letting go sometimes.

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