DIY~My Take On Comme des Garcons Toe Shoes

If you are like me and do not want to spend $800 on a pair of shoes that are nonetheless sold out anyway, then DIY I say! Usually whenever I see something I like I try to figure out a way to make it myself to either save money, make it look better than the original product or both. 

When I saw these shoes I just knew I had to make these myself since I am a pretty unusual person and I couldn't help myself, hee hee.
I have gotten a lot of compliments on these shoes at work and wherever I go, so they might make a cute interesting project to add to your selection. I just used some old beige mary-janes I had in my closet that I didn't care about, that I thought would be perfect to practice on for this project. I plan to purchase some new loafers soon like those above, so I can get a more closer result.

You will need the following supplies:

Red Nail Polish (or any color fabric paint, nail polish will do just no water colors)
Black/Permanent medium-tip marker
Blank beige, black loafers or mary-janes (if using black shoes you will need white fabric paint, white-out won't do)
Acrylic Spray

I just started by drawing out both feet on the shoes with the marker and letting that dry for a minute and then tracing back over everything again. I think this would work better if you first worked with the marker and then used the fabric paint to trace over, because the paint will give you better looking results and it will last longer. I then painted the toes with a couple of coats of polish and let that dry for a day.

Left Shoe, just went over quickly with marker

Whole view of foot
View of my "feet"
Closer view (I look wonky!)

After that had completely dried I then sprayed the shoes with a couple of coats of acrylic spray gloss, so that the paint lasts longer and looks glossier. VOILA!! Not exactly perfection since I just wanted to test this project out for the hell of it but I have to say I had fun with it and the possibilities are endless. You could customize the nails, use crackle, jewels, or make any of that insane nail art forever with these shoes.

Happy Crafting!

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