Sake as a skin toner

 There are many skin toners out there on the market, most of which will just dry out your skin without any added benefit to your skin. Some people may not even need an added toner to their routine each night. I never really wear much makeup but I have very oily skin. One remedy to add to your arsenal is sake, the delicious Japanese rice wine you might have had while you were out eating sushi. The cost may depend if you are also looking to drink the sake or just use it on your face. It can be purchased for under $10 at your grocery store but there are many varieties at your local Asian food store.

The origin of the popular Japanese skin care brand SK-II began when scientists noticed that although the elderly workers at a sake brewery had wrinkled faces, their hands were soft and youthful after years of constant contact with the sake fermentation process. You can make you own mini versions of their skin care line without the cost, adding rose water and lemon juice to it if you wish. (be careful with lemon juice always as some are sensitive to the acids Test Test Test!)


Spot/Skin Lightener
Now without getting too technical or boring on you, I will just explain the basics of the sake and why it works. It is a rice wine that consists of rice, water, yeast and koji. It has to go through a fermentation process not unlike that of beer. During the fermentation process kojic acid is created which can naturally lighten any dark spots, freckles, or blemishes you may have. Many people use kojic acid in soaps, masks, toners etc to naturally lighten the skin without chemicals. It also inhibits your skin's ability to produce more freckle-inducing melanin.
Since it has antiseptic properties and contains alcohol it is a good treatment step for acne. Keeping your face clean and free from bacteria is very important when you are trying to win a zit war.
Now I know what your thinking, an alcoholic drink as a moisturizer? I had the same concerns however, much vitamins and minerals from the fermentation process leave the skin moist and soft. Again, not all products are for everyone so please make sure to test before using.


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