Hell Girl


Hell Girl (aka Jigoku Shōjo) is one of my guilty pleasures that I ascribe to and I like to regularly decompress in front of the television with something chocolatey, dim the lights, and turn Hell Girl on Netflix. You can also find it here on Funimation and on Hulu.
Your grievance shall be avenged.
That is the tagline of the show, Hell Girl is for those that need their anime a little darker than most. The premise of the show: "Beyond the veil of midnight lies a website, HellCorrespondence.com. Type in the name of the one upon which you desire retribution ... And it will be served." Hell Girl, Ai Enma will appear and offer you a magical straw doll with a red thread wrapped around its neck. Whether or not you pull the thread is up to you but pulling the thread comes with a price, not only will she ferry the soul of your tormentor into hell but when you die, your soul will also belong to hell. 

pleasant huh?

For your remaining days, you are left with a tattoo on your chest to remind you of this obligation. Over the centuries the correspondence has changed from written to now being done on a website and mobile. There is not much known about Ai, except that she lives with her grandmother and even less about her companions that accompany her. In later episodes we begin to learn more about her. She can be very cold at times and mysterious but that is why I like her. She keeps to herself and that is the charm of her character.


  It can seem a bit repetitive at times, some episodes are more better than others. You are basically watching a show where you know how it is going to end. Are they going to pull the string? Still it's good fun watching those who deserve it get their comeuppance. It's just a show after all. Or is it? Does such a website exist?  
I'm going to give it 8 straw dolls out of 10.  


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