Tom Savini's Special Effects Program

Tom Savini
The four main skill areas covered in this exciting 16 month program are: Make-up Application, Mold Making and Casting, Animation Fabrication, and Exhibit and Display Design. It is designed to obviously ready prospective students for television, film, and photography company careers among many others. Just think, you could be among the few to create creatures and ghouls for the big screen! Now, if by some small chance you have not heard of Tom Savini, here is some of the special effects work he is responsible for:
Friday the 13th
 Friday the 13th: FINAL CHAPTER
Dawn of the Dead
 Day of the Dead
  Texas Chainsaw Massacre II
Monkey Shines
  The Burning
Killing Zoe
Invasion USA
  Red Scorpion
Two Evil Eyes
  Tales From the Darkside
Tom Savini

Yes, he is also the crazy crotch gun guy from the film From Dusk Till Dawn.
Here are some jobs this degree could land you:
Special Make-Up Effects Artist
Mask Maker
Mold Maker
Prop Fabricator
Animatronics Designer
Display Fabricator
Prototype Fabricator
Freelance Artist
Scenic Artist
Model Maker
Fashion & Performance Make-Up Artist
  Dental / Medical Prosthetics Technicians

The school is at the Douglas Education Center, 130 Seventh Street Monessen, PA. It costs approximately $31,250 for tuition and fees, and $6,625 for books and supplies. After you complete the program you get an Associate in Specialized Business Degree Program.
This is with an 80% placement rate and Tom Savini has a class meeting in the first semester (there are 4). Effects artists from the industry inspect portfolios during the 4th semester. I thought he was just going to show up at the end and call it a day for these people.

Student work

Student work

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