Japanese Street Fashion

Japanese Streets is one of my all site favorite web sites. You can log on and see the latest Japanese street fashion and culture featuring real people. Many types of fashions are covered including Harajuku, Decora, Goth-Loli, Cyber-Punk, Mori Girl etc. They also feature a blog, picture archive, shopping, and a community to meet other members. What I like to do is download pictures so I can print them out and tack them onto my walls for inspiration for my art, clothes, and crafts. You would be surprised with how many ideas you will come up with when you do this.

Japanese Streets was one of the first fashion blogs on the net started by photo-journalist Kjeld Duits 
on November 22, 2002, and also the first to cover Japanese street fashion. You can find all of his extensive work in the photo archives.

Some of my personal favorites:
I absolutely must get these!

She looks so sweet and cotton candy-ish!
I love fuzzies! look at those colors
I want to paint a bag of my own like this

She looks so comfortable and cute!

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